Monday, August 26, 2013

Pros and Cons for Free WordPress Themes.

WordPress Theme is a wonderful helper for users to design a website without knowing knowledge for codes. But you know nothing is perfect.  Today, let's take a look at the pros and cons for Free WordPress Themes.
1. Save Money
The most attractive things for free WordPress themes is Free. Nobady hate free things. Free to download, free to install and free for all, while they can provide all the basic features for creating a simple website. And some free WordPress templates like Sillver are also packed with the latest features like responsive design, etc.
2. Easy to Use
Though free themes comes with less features, they are easier and quicker to customize. No matter you a beginner without any web design and programming code knowledge or a advanced user familiar with web design, you can easily make your own website in a simple and fast way.
3. Multiple Choices
There are already numerous free WordPress templates in the market for your choice, along with many new free ones coming out every month. With so many templates to be chosen from, you can always find a right WordPress theme to satisfy your requirements, especially if you just want to create a simple website.

1. Less Features
Compared with paid WordPress themes, free templates comes with less features. They might not compromise on the features and functionality that you need if you want to create a website with every element the way you want. But if you just want to a simple website for blogging, photography or others, a free WordPress theme will be enough.
2. Less Secure
Security is another disadvantage. Free themes are developed for fun and they generally do not come with any warranty or assurance of working and security. It’s possible for you to get a free template with malware and spam.
3. No Support
Many free WordPress themes don’t come with full support. Besides, free templates often lacks frequent update to keep up with the latest web design trends and WordPress features.
No matter a paid WordPress theme or a free one, just choose the most suitable one for you.

Source From: Magic Theme.

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