Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Right Tools to Recover Files for Right Portable Devices.

Data losing is an unavoidable situation we may meet. You probably let slip important documents from physical damage like droping devices on the floor, falling into water and so on. And you possibly lose your data from computer virus or unexpected deletion.
This Post is gonna to show you the right tools to recover deleted files for different portable devices.
All the Portable devices can be devided  into two species. One is iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, the other one is the ones except iOS devices including USB flash drive, SD card, cellphone memory card, camera memory card and so on.
Now, Let me tell you how to recover all of them with the right tool for them.

FIRST PART: iOS devices Data Recovery.
Once you need to recover files from iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can choose Hodo iOS Data Recovery software to recover iOS data.
Key Features for the iOS data recovery program.
Supports for varies iOS devices including: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPad, iPad mini and more.
Able to Recover lots of files: hotos and videos in Camera Roll, Photo Stream & Message Attachments, and audio in Voice Memos, text files such as Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Safari Bookmark.
Two Recovery Methods: Recover data from iOS devices directly & Recover data from iTunes Backup.

SECOND PART: Recover Data from other devices
For recovering files for other devices, I will make recover pictures from sd card as an example for you. For this part, the tool you need is Hodo Photo Recovery.
Step 1. Download the software here.
Step 2. Step 1 Connect your SD card to computer and run the tool.
Step 3. Choose  drive for SD card and click Scan.
Step 4. Select the file formats you need for recovery.
Step 5. After scaning, you can see a windows list for the recoverable files. Choose the ones you need and click "Recover" icon.

That's all for the data recovery for different portable devices. Hope these tools can be helpful for you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Next iPad Mini would come with 1024×768 resolution display as well.

 When you are deciding to buy an iPad, it will be the problem to choose which one to buy? iPad 4 is wonderful but is too big and heave, and iPad mini is not with a nice display. Maybe you are wander that you can choose for the next iPad mini -- lighter, smaller and better.
There are some rumors before said that iPad mini 2 gonna feature with a QXGA (2,048x1,536) resolution [Retina] display. But the pity is it will not come true.
From today's reliable news, Apple is going to release iPad mini 2 this year 2013. The features are not what rumors goes.
The next Mini, due in the second half sometime, will sport a 1,024x768 display (the same as the current version) but get a processor upgrade to the A6 from the A5 that's in the Mini today, and it will use iOS 7operating system.

There is also some rumors for the Retina iPad mini, It probably becomes the ipad mini after the next one which is going to release in next year.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Apple puts Pandora on notice with iTunes Radio inside iOS 7.

Apple's long-awaited "iRadio" is now an official service under the name iTunes Radio, available to test by developers who have access to the iOS 7 beta.

iTunes Radio is the first thing developers will see when they launch the revamped Music application in iOS 7. The service's functionality and performance are virtual identical to Pandora, the company that has long been the king of Internet streaming radio stations.

Users simply add a new station by searching for an artist name or song title. From there, iTunes Radio will intelligently assemble a mix of songs with a similar sound, allowing users to discover new artists.

One of the key drivers for Apple and record labels alike is music discovery. All of the content streamed through iTunes Radio is available for purchase through the iTunes Store, allowing users to own the song and listen to it at their convenience.


Every song currently streaming features an option to purchase in the upper righthand corner. Users can simply tap the price, then select "Buy Song" to purchase the track.

More information about the current song and artist is also available with an "i" button centered at the top of iTunes Radio. From there, users can view a full list of songs from that album on the iTunes Store, or also create a new iTunes Radio Station from that artist or particular song.

The information pane also includes the necessary copyright and licensing information for that particular track. Apple has also promised that users will be able to "tune" the station, placing an emphasis on top hits, discovery, or a mix of the two, but this function does not currently appear in iOS 7.


Users who subscribe to Apple's iTunes Match service for $24.99 per year will be able to listen to iTunes Radio without any commercial interruptions. That capability comes in addition to the scan-and-match cloud syncing functions already available through iTunes Match.

Apple has also said that iTunes Radio will use scans of a iTunes Match subscriber's entire music collection to make streaming stations more personalized.

One restriction an iTunes Match subscription doesn't appear to allow users to bypass is multiple song skips. After skipping six tracks on a specific station, the skip button will become greyed out, though users can begin streaming a new song by starting another station and returning to the previous one.


Those who don't subscribe to iTunes Match will hear — and see — the occasional iAd. Currently, before its launch to the public, iTunes Radio ads are driven by Apple, prompting users to "Give the Gift of iTunes" with a quick 15-second clip. If the iPhone screen is locked, only the accompanying audio plays.

Non-subscribers will also see a "Download on iTunes" link on the iPhone lock screen when streaming content from iTunes Radio. In the current beta, iTunes Match subscribers are not presented with the advertisement on the lock screen, and will only see the appropriate album art.

Users can also launch their own iTunes Radio Stations by speaking to Siri. Simply ask the system to play a specific station saved in iTunes Radio, and the music will begin to stream.

iOS 7 is scheduled to arrive on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall. AppleInsider will have ongoing in-depth coverage of Apple's new mobile operating system ahead of its public release. 
Source From:  Apple Insider

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Right Way for iPhone 4/4S Users to Recover Deleted Photos.

You must be regret for losing photos with wonderful memory from iPhone. Do not be upset. It is not impossible or difficult any more for people to recover deleted photos from iPhone. What you simple need is an iPhone Data Recovery tool and only one tip to notice.
The Note is: DO NOT put more files (any kind) into your iPhone before recover the deleted photos. Or the lost ones would be overwritten by the latest one and you will lose the photos forever.
There are four iPhones most use nowadays: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5. For recovering iPhone data, they can be divided into two groups. iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 which need you to enter the EPU mode for iPhone Photo Recovery; iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 needn't.
This tutorial today I gonna to show you how to recover photos from iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as an example.

First Part: Recover iPhone 4 photos
Download iPhone Data Recovery for iPhone 4 on
Step 1. Install Hodo iPhone 4 Data Recovery into your computer. Run it and connect your iPhone 4 with your computer. You will see the interface like this.
Step 2. Enter DFU mode for recovering. Just follow the guide in the image below. Afeter entering, it will start to scan for the recoverable files.
Step 3. After scaning, you will see this interface, Select the files you want to get back and click recover button.
Step 4. Save the files recovered in your computer.

Part 2: How to Recover iPhone 4s photos
Step 1. The same as iPhone 4 Photo recovery gudie.
Step 2. Click "Start iDevice Recovery" button, and it will start analyzing and scanning your device for your lost data. 
 Step 3. The same as iPhone 4 Photo Recovery, Choosing the files you need and click "Recover" icon.
Step 4. Save the photos.

Monday, June 3, 2013

iPhone WallPaper Part SIX: Purple Romantic Ones.

When I begin to start looking for new iPhone wallpapers, I thought I would like to choose a color to be today's theme. Purple jumped out quikly. However, it is not the favorite color I like, but it is the very one I most want to show you today.
Purple is the most romantic color, Hope you like the wallpapers I share for you all.
1. Purple Universe
2.Purple dreams
3.Purple Moon
4. Cute Purple

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