Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best 10 E-Commerce WordPress Themes Recommendation.

It is getting more and more popular to do business online. The indispensable thing for you to do that is a Website for E-Commerce.
Today, our topic is E-Commerce WordPress Themes Recommendation. The ones who want to do business online can take a look and find out a suitable one for you.

1. Magee WordPress Theme
Magee Theme is clean, easy to use, and highly customizable WordPress built with HTML5+CSS3. The theme comes with tons of advanced features (drop-down page builder, premium slider, 600+ Google fonts, unlimited colors, etc. ) and can be used for corporate, business, portfolio and so on.

2. eStore WordPress Theme

eStore theme is clean, minimal and highly professional. eStore will turn your website into a fully functional online store with top-notch features giving comfort and convenience to both sides.

3. Boutique WordPress Theme
Boutique has a great flexibility in its style. It is a powerful and decent theme for eCommerce purpose. In addition, it allows you to modify various things on the theme to match with your own taste. Feel the unique power Boutique theme provides for you.

4. Kallyas Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Kallyas is a complete and perfect theme that can suit up with any purpose in use. Kallyasis built with the latest technologies and trends in website designs. It is super flexible, totally responsive, highly user-friendly and completely beautiful.

5. Bazar Shop Multipurpose eCommerce Theme
Bazar is clean, fresh and creative in design. It will give a new look to your online store that appeals to people in a minimal and stylish way. The features of Bazar are also carefully picked for the specific purpose of setting up an ultimate eCommerce site.

6. Proffet Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Proffet is fresh and minimal in styles. This theme got a great fashionable taste in design. Besides, many features like sliders, customization, WooCommerce plugin extension, shortcodes and so many more are available at full service.

7. Fancy Theme eCommerce WordPress Theme
FancyTheme is a creative and beautiful theme for an online shop. This theme is carefully designed to every detail and to appear perfect on any device. This theme also offers various different layouts for different purposes, other than just eCommerce.

8. Shopifiq Responsive WordPressWooCommerce Theme
Shopifiq has a great interface design that follows the trend of minimalism and professionalism to its best. Shopifiq is simple, clean and beautiful to the eyes. You items will be displayed neatly with much information for customers’ consideration.

9. XMartket Responsive WordPresseCommerce Theme
XMarket has a beautiful layout that will fit in any device regardless of screen size. Try adjusting your browser window for the fun. XMarket is clean, professional in styles and packed with functional features for the eCommerce purpose. It will make your online store unique and stylish.

10. Sirens Multipurpose Stylish Business Theme
Sirens is stylish and fashionable in its layout. It can work to many purposes, not just for business website. Yet it is highly recommended for your business website if you are looking for a combination of unique styles and professionalism in the business theme field.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 8 Free Responsive WordPress Themes Sharing.

It is important for people to build a responsive website. And data shows that most designer opt for WordPress to do website design. As you have know the Pros and Cons for Free WordPress Themes. You may prefer to use a free responsive WordPress theme for your site design.
This article today, I'd like to recommend you the top 10 responsive free WordPress Theme in my opinion. I am sure you can find one you prefer to use.

1. Sillver
Sillver is a free, clean and simple WordPress theme. It features 100% responsive design and can automatically adjust to any screen size, from desktops to mobile devices. Sillver comes with many advanced features to create your website/blog easily and quickly.

2. Frau
Frau has a great variety of functionalities such as easy to follow code, social networking features, YouTube and Flickr integration. It comes with easy to modify widgetized sidebar and an extremely versatile layout scheme for easy modification.

3. Contango: Free WordPress Theme
    * Theme Options Panel
    * Custom Background & Custom Header
    * Multi Level Dropdown Menu

4. Virture Theme
Virture theme is clean and responsive wordpress theme, it has tons of options and eComerce.

 Hiero is an awesome magazine theme for your WordPress site feature bold colors and details to the content. Responsive layout, post thumbnails support, threaded comments and more.

6. DW Minion Minimal Responsive WordPress Theme
DW Minion is a simple, Responsive and clean WordPress Blog Theme Design. This theme supports social sharing and various post formats. This theme is designed which aims for a minimal and simple blog while showing off the most of your content.

7. Gadgetry Free WordPress Theme
A Free WordPress theme with a clean and modern style, best suited for blogging or small magazine style websites.

8. Neuro Free WordPress Theme
Neuro offers a clean modern Responsive WordPress Theme featuring Drag and Drop Theme Options. Neuro offers the same advanced functionality as CyberChimps other WordPress Themes including a Responsive Design that responds automatically to mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pros and Cons for Free WordPress Themes.

WordPress Theme is a wonderful helper for users to design a website without knowing knowledge for codes. But you know nothing is perfect.  Today, let's take a look at the pros and cons for Free WordPress Themes.
1. Save Money
The most attractive things for free WordPress themes is Free. Nobady hate free things. Free to download, free to install and free for all, while they can provide all the basic features for creating a simple website. And some free WordPress templates like Sillver are also packed with the latest features like responsive design, etc.
2. Easy to Use
Though free themes comes with less features, they are easier and quicker to customize. No matter you a beginner without any web design and programming code knowledge or a advanced user familiar with web design, you can easily make your own website in a simple and fast way.
3. Multiple Choices
There are already numerous free WordPress templates in the market for your choice, along with many new free ones coming out every month. With so many templates to be chosen from, you can always find a right WordPress theme to satisfy your requirements, especially if you just want to create a simple website.

1. Less Features
Compared with paid WordPress themes, free templates comes with less features. They might not compromise on the features and functionality that you need if you want to create a website with every element the way you want. But if you just want to a simple website for blogging, photography or others, a free WordPress theme will be enough.
2. Less Secure
Security is another disadvantage. Free themes are developed for fun and they generally do not come with any warranty or assurance of working and security. It’s possible for you to get a free template with malware and spam.
3. No Support
Many free WordPress themes don’t come with full support. Besides, free templates often lacks frequent update to keep up with the latest web design trends and WordPress features.
No matter a paid WordPress theme or a free one, just choose the most suitable one for you.

Source From: Magic Theme.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

iPhone WallPaper Share Part Eight: I just like it.

I have alrealy share lots of iPhone wallpapers for you with the following list.
Are there some wallpapers you want? Today I have get some iPhone wallpapers for myself. I am sure there must be someone you need, too. Let's Start.

They are not in the same style. But I am sure they are beautiful and azmazing to be an iPhone wallpaper. No matter which one you want. Go and download the one you prefer.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's the Point of iPhone 5C: Replace iPhone 5 NOT iPhone 4S.

Apple's iPhone 5C might not be a "low end" product after all.
If the long-rumored device launches later this year, as expected, the iPhone 5C will actually be considered a midrange product and replace the iPhone 5, KGI Securities analyst and longtime Apple follower Ming-Chi Kuo wrote to investors on Monday, according to AppleInsider, which obtained a copy of the report. The iPhone 4S, which many believed would be killed off by the iPhone 5C, will live on, Kuo claims.

Apple's iPhone 5C has been rumored to be in the works for months. The device was initially believed to be a low-end product that would compete with cheaper handsets. The handset is expected to ship with a 4-inch display and come with a plastic casing in several different colors.

If Kuo is correct, however, the plan wouldn't address one issue that would have been solved by replacing the iPhone 4S: Apple's need to build and provide legacy connectors. The iPhone 4S works with the old 30-pin connector. If the iPhone 5C were to replace the iPhone 4S, Apple would finally be able to ditch the 30-pin option and bring its Lightning port to all of its current smartphones.

Kuo, who has been one of the more reliable Apple handicappers in the past, isn't convinced by that line of thinking. He believes that Apple sees more upside in delivering the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 4S alongside each other.

So, how will all of those products fare? According to AppleInsider, Kuo said in his note that he expects Apple to ship 8.4 million iPhone 5C units this fiscal quarter. However, Kuo said that some issues with building the iPhone 5S will mean that handset will be limited to 5.2 million unit shipments.

Looking ahead, Kuo argues that the iPhone 5S will eventually outsell the iPhone 5C, adding that Apple could ship as many as 28 million iPhone 5S units during the last quarter of the year.

Apple, of course, hasn't confirmed anything Kuo has said, and likely won't until next month. The company is expected to hold a special event unveiling its new iPhone line on September 10.

Article original from CNET.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Key Tips for you to build a website.


While you want to build a website for some purposes. There are some key tips you need to notice for designing a website successfully.
Today, this post is going to talk about what are the key tips you need to pay attention for website built.
1. Content : Useful, informative, free, and easy to understand
Content is King. If you offer well written, original, easy to understand information, spiced up with good imagery, the chances of getting quality links, social media exposure and high spots in SERPs are bigger. The whole point of the Internet is finding useful, relevant, free information. Everything is about information. If you’re able to convey it in a manner that stands out from the crowd you’re automatically step ahead from the others in the pool. 

2. Basic SEO
I vouch for the fact that you don’t have to be a SEO expert to rank your site high on Google search. Just several things to remember here:
include meta title tags,
optimal and natural usage of keywords,
provide good link bait article titles,
simple navigation through out the site,
proper usage of H1, H2 and H3 tags,
include sitemap,
use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to gain insight on what works and what’s not,
use robots.txt file,
proper permalink structure,
avoid duplicate content (CMS issue),
use canonical tags.

 3. Design
You want more eyeballs on your website, and you want them to stick with it more often. Except offering quality content you’ll need some good graphics for your site. Number one tip: If you’re serious about your site don’t use free, generic template. I would go even further. Don’t use paid template that is available online for others to buy. Pay someone to design a unique website for you. It doesn’t need to be jaw dropping and very expensive. A simple, pretty enough, and unique look would be good for starters.

4. Competitors
Whatever you do, you have to be more innovative, original, have a better design, better content than your competitors. Simply try to beat the competition. Use them to learn what works for them, and what doesn’t. Don’t be antagonistic towards them. Instead try to befriend them and let them become your mentors. They rule your niche at this moment. Learn what they did in order to achieve what they are now. That doesn’t mean just to read their blogs daily, but to investigate what they are doing. Where is their presence, who is linking to them, what CMS are they using, their SEO etc.

5. Promotion
Promote your site whenever you have a chance to do it, but do not exaggerate (don’t be a spammer). Also several things to remember here:
use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social platform popular at the moment,
comment on other blogs related to your niche,
be active on forums,
guest post frequently on well established blogs,
pay for ads if you really have to (Adwords).
This will certainly lead to significant exposure of your site. If you have the previous 4 points in place it’s just a matter of time when the ball starts rolling.

 6. Speed
Make your site load fast as much as possible. This is important from two aspects: user experience and a SEO factor. Several things to remember:
Use good server
Optimize your code,
Optimize the images,
Use sprites,
Use tools such as Google Speed, YSlow, Web Page Test, Pingdom,
Gzip and minify your pages and static components where possible,
Make your pages cacheable (both server and browser side),
Use CDN for static content,
If you’re using scripts, prefer asynchronous loading or place them at the bottom,
Avoid redirects,
Read in details what Google and Yahoo have to say about it.

7. E-mail addresses and RSS subscribers
Usually young webmasters and bloggers are overwhelmed with information and it might happen to forget to implement thing or two or they may think that some of the tips are irrelevant and not worth. So remember, capture e-mail addresses and get people to subscribe to your feed early. Two-three years from now (if you’re good) you might have 50k email list and 50k RSS Subcribers. And that is a big valuable asset. Trust me.

8. Monetization
This is the cherry on top of the cake. It’s time to gather the fruits of your labor. I’ll suggest don’t do it early. Wait some time until your blog gets traction. The possibilities are virtually endless and experimentation is the key. There are basically three main methods to get money out of your blog/site:
Placing ads (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV). Basically you need click, page view, action or video view in order to get paid.
Promoting affiliate products.
Selling you own products (ebooks, membership websites, services – design, coding, coaching, etc).

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Desktop Wallpaper for August with Calendar Sharing.

I used to changing my desktop wallpaper everyday. Wallpaper is can not only change your mood but also bring you some other useful functions like calendar to remind you of the date. Today's sharing article will recommend you 10 August wallpaper.

1st One:“I love summer :)” Designed by Vector4free from Poland.
2nd One:“Summer is taking off with some magical ice cream hot air balloons.” Designed by Sasha Endoh from Canada.
3rd One:“I love typograhy handwritten style.” Designed by Chalermkiat Oncharoen from Thailand.
4th One: “In August we have the world photography day. So it is fair to make this homage to those that translates and makes us immortalize the most special moments of our lives.” Designed by ADD from Brazil.
5th One: Flower Designed by Nitesh Bhatia from India.
6th One: “This is a moment from Southern Estonia that shows amazing summer nights.” Designed by Erkki Pung / Sviiter from Estonia.
7th One: Designed by Laurent Constant from Belgium.
8th One: “Black and white landscape/waterscape photo.” Designed by Jeremy Mullens from United States.
9th One: Designed by Creacill, Carole Meyer from Luxembourg.
Last One: 'Off to the beach we go’ is based on screenshots from my latest browser game (I’m an indie games designer).” Designed by Bart Bonte from Belgium.
These 10 August Calendar Wallpaper are in different styles. Hope at least one is what you like.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes for Web Designers.

More and more people would prefer to view websites on their Phones, tablets and other portable devices on the go or lying on bed. So it is important for website designers to make our sites to be responsive for all viewers on whatever devices. Among all the program for web design, WordPress is the first choice for most web designers. Today, I'd like to recommend you some wonderful responsive WordPress themes in Top 10 list for me.

Top 1: Responsive
Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Theme features 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. Powerful but simple Theme Options for full CMS control with easy Logo Upload, Social Networking and Webmaster Tools etc. Responsive is WooCommerce Compatible, Multilingual Ready (WPML), RTL-Language Support, Retina-Ready, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated and currently translated into 40 languages. Cross-Browser compatible. No paid memberships or clubs to get Responsive help.  (details from

Top 2: Sillver
Sillver is a free, clean and simple WordPress theme. It features 100% responsive design and can automatically adjust to any screen size, from desktops to mobile devices. Sillver comes with many advanced features to create your website/blog easily and quickly.
You can look for more details on my last post: Free & Clean WordPress Theme Sharing ---Sillver.

Top 3. Fable
Fable follows the recent trend of using bold colors to highlight different post and content types as the user scrolls down. It has beautiful jQuery effects, multiple page templates, multiple color choices, shortcodes etc. As a responsive WordPress theme, Fable looks stunningly great on different devices and screen sizes.

Top 4. Agency
Agency is a responsive WordPress theme suitable for multipurpose websites such as a business website or an agency website. It has a stylish minimal layout and comes equipped with custom post types to create portfolios, highlight content, showcase teams, etc. It also comes with Themify’s theme builder plugin which allows you to create different page layouts in a nice drag and drop environment.

Top 5: Nexus
Nexus is a responsive WordPress theme suitable for any kind of website. It comes equipped with custom widgets and content modules allowing you to dynamically display content across your website. It has multiple page templates, multiple colors, a homepage builder and advertising areas.

Top 6: Postline
Postline is a Facebook Timeline like responsive WordPress theme. It handles different post formats by highlighting them differently in a timeline like stream with infinite scroll and easy navigation. It has different grid and list view layout options and built-in lightbox media support to handle images and multimedia.

Top 7: MetroVibes
Inspired from the Metro style trend in web design, MetroVibes has a very modern and stylish look. With content featured in a Windows 8 like grid on the home page and nice mouse over affects it looks very fresh. Ideal for a business, portfolio, or multimedia website

Top 8: Insider
Insider has a simple sophisticated look of a business or portfolio website. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme with a dynamic homepage builder. It comes with multiple color choices and a home page slider. It also comes with five custom post types for clients, events, features, slideshow and testimonials.

Top 9: PixelWhiz
PixelWhiz is a responsive WordPress themes for designers, agencies and business websites. It has jQuery lightbox support for your media, custom widgets, multiple page widgets and easy theme options panel. It comes in 4 color styles and is packed with features.

Top 10: Eleven40
Eleven40 is a responsive theme with support for 3 column layout. It comes with 4 color styles, 6 layout options, footer widgets and the quality code that comes with the Genesis Theme Framework.

That's all I want to share, Hope there is at least one you prefer.
Source from:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free & Clean WordPress Theme Sharing ---Sillver.

More and more people would like to build a website for different uses like: blog, e-commerce website and more. And most people opt for WordPress for designing a site as it is powerful and easy to learn.  No matter what kind of website you’d like to build, you can always find one that meets your needs. We’ve introduced you some free business templates. Here I'd love to  introduce you a free and clean WordPress theme for bloggers – Sillver.
Sillver is well compatible with WordPress 3.5 and all major web browsers like IE10/9/8/7/6, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Being responsiveness, Sillver can automatically resize to fit all devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks or laptops) and all those devices come with different size screens for great user experience.
This free WordPress theme is highly customizable. Update your own logo & favicon, specify your background color, pick one of the 3 page templates, custom slider for specific page/post, add social media icons you’d like to display, change color and typeface for header, body content and footer, add Google analytics tracking code and other codes in footer, etc. Besides, this clean WordPress theme also comes with 8 pre-defined theme skins.

Key Features of Sillver WordPress Theme
* 100% Free WordPress Theme
Sillver is professionally designed as a free WordPress template, especially for personal websites and blogs. Anyone can get it for free.
* Mobile Friendly
Every element of the theme is responsive and automatically adjusts to look great on all devices with different size screens.
* 3 Page Templates
Come with 3 custom page templates for your choice, including sample page, Contact page and About page.
* Custom Sliders & Background
Allow you to create custom top sliders for specific page or post. And it also lets you specify the background color.
* Custom Header
Update your own logo & favicon, add your own header text, and change the color and typeface of header text as you like.
* Custom Footer
Add copyright text, Google analytics tracking code and other custom code in footer. Change footer color and typeface.
* Unlimited Colors & 600 Google fonts
Come with a color picker and 600 Google fonts for your choice. You can change the color and font for the body content, footer and header.
* 8 Theme Skins & Social Icons
Provide 8 pre-defined skins for your choice. And allow you to add social icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS and more by entering the related links.

You can download Sillver Free WordPress Theme on Magic Theme.


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