Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free Two-Homepage Responsive WordPress Theme: Zippy WordPress Theme.

There are lots of free wordpress themes update everyday. I have tried couple of them to make a website. The point for me to like is Easy-going. Today, the wordpress theme I'd like to recommend to you is really easy to build a nice homepage with simple steps. It name is Zippy WordPress Theme which is both suitable for blogging and business site. In this post I'd like to show you in steps for how to build a business site home page without knowing HTML and CSS codes.

This is a screenshot for Zippy wordpress theme business homepage. Now, let's start to make a homepage like this easily.
1. Install Zippy WordPress Theme. (Download link)

After download the free wordpress theme, install it in the dashboard.

2. Active the Zippy WordPress Theme.
After active it, the Theme page would be like this.

3. Build header part.
Enter the very Zippy Options, you can see this interview, and let's start with header part.

4. Design body background part.
You can choose your appreciate background color here.

5. Footer Part design.
There are three areas in this part, here is one of them as an example.
6. Main Body design.
You can show up some main characteristics of your business/company at this part.
With all the steps above with out typing any codes, you can make a nice home page just like the preview photo.

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