Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 5 Andoroid tablets. Which one do you think is the best android tablet?

Nowadays, people do not need to carry a heavy laptop for searching the news and knowlegdes you need. The tablets can meet the requirements. We can search the internet and enjoy the music on the go via tablets. They make our daily life easier simpler and more enjoyment. And except iPad, most tablets are android ones, and among them, do you know which one is the best android tablet? The following will list the top 5 tablets, here we go.
Position One: Google Nexus 7 (Price: $199.99)
Without doubt, Google Nexus 7 is the best android tablet in most people's mind. It is manufactured by Asus to Google's specifications, and then packing a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 12 core GPU, 8GB and 16GB internal storage and 7-inch 1280 x 800 screen, the Nexus 7 certainly has the skills to pay the bills, but at a highly attractive price point.
Position Two: Google Nexus 10 (Price: $399.00)
The 10.1 display is one of the biggest talking points on the Google Nexus 10. At 300 pixels per inch it's the highest resolution  (2560 x 1600 )  tablet display on the planet. It comes with 5 5 megapixels  rear-facing camera and 1.9 megapixels front-facing camera.
Position Three: Amazon Kindle Fire HD ($199.99)
The 7 inch kindle Fire HD comes with 1280 x 800  HD display resolution. Also combine with 1.2 G processor and Dual-core.Coming in at 16GB and 32GB flavours, the Kindle Fire HD is sure to be a big hit, bringing the simplicity of the e-book range to the tablet arena, with dedicated space to access your movies, games, apps and music too.
Position Four: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ($449.00 )
The special point for Galaxy Note 10.1, it's not only have the big screen, but also a quad core processor and the S pen. The resolution is 1280 x 800  for watching HD movies.
Position Five: Asus Transformer Pad Infinity ($449.00)
The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700's high-resolution screen rivals the new iPad's display in sharpness and clarity. Also, apps launch quickly, GPS works well, and its rear camera is the best I've seen on any Android tablet. The tablet's body has the same great thin and light design as the Prime.

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