Sunday, September 22, 2013

Learning Time: How to Add Social Media icons to Wordpress Website?

It's a nice way to promote your websites or products by SNS (Social networking service) spreading. So it is necessary for designers to add social media icons to your websites for easily sharing by visitors.
I'd love to share the steps for how to add social media icons to WordPress Theme for you today. The WordPress Theme I would like to use as an example is Magee Theme which I had mentioned on Best 10 E-Commerce WordPress Themes Recommendation.
1. Add Social Media Buttons to Website Footer
Magee Theme allows you to add social media icons to website footer easily as follows:
Step 1. Go to MageeBuilder -> Footer in your WordPress admin panel.
Step 2. Scroll down to Social Network section, you’ll see that by default that the social network is enabled.
Step 3. Add the social media buttons you’d like to display.
To do this job, you just need to enter the specific link in the related URL fields, including Facebook/Twitter/Google+/ Flckr/RSS/LinkedIn/Skype /Vim /YouTube URL fields. Any social button that has a link specified will be displayed.
For example, if you want to add the Facebook icon, you can enter the link in the Facebook URL field:
If you want to remove the social media buttons from your website, just set the related URL filed to blank, including the “#” presented in the Facebook /Twitter /Google+ / Skype / YouTube URL fields by default.
Step 4. Click Save Changes button.

2. Social Network Widget
In addition to the default social media options in the footer, Magee Theme also comes with the social network widget helps to display social media icons on your website.
Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets, you’ll find the Social Network widget and the widget settings look like this:
Set the title that displays above the top of your social icons, and then type the URL of the social networking website if you want to display its icon in your website.

3. Social Network shortcode
Social Network shortcode is also available to let you add social media icons anywhere on a page/post. To add this shortcode, just click Add SNS button on the Built-in WordPress Visual Editor in the page/post edit page.

If you are using other WordPress Themes, you can take the similar steps to add social media icons.

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