Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steps for Designing a Website.

Many people want to build their own website.  Today, I’d love to talk about how to build a website, what you need for building a website. It can be divided in 7 steps.

Okay, let’s begin with the first one — Hosting.
What is hosting? hosting is a place where you can put your website.
Then there are several types of Web hosting options you can choose from:
Free Web hosts
Standard Web hosting
Dedicated, Virtual, and Shared Hosting

Secondly: Domain Name
A domain name provides extra branding for your site and makes it easier for people to remember the URL. Just like, They could help users to find the site easily and simply.

Thirdly: Plan Your Website
After you’ve got a hosting and demain name, you can start planning your site. You need to decide the following tips:
Type of site – what’s your point for your website?
Navigation – The navigation affects the information architecture of your site.
Content – Content is the actual pages you’ll be building.

Fourth: Build Your Website Pages
There are some knowledge you need to know:
Design Basics – The elements of good design and and how to use it on websites.
Learning HTML – HTML is the building block of a Web page. While it’s not absolutely required, you’ll do better if you learn HTML than if you don’t.
Learning CSS – CSS is the building block of how pages look. And learning CSS will make it easier for you to change your site’s look when you need to.
Web Page Editors – Finding the perfect editor for your needs will help you learn design, HTML, and CSS.

Fifth: Publish Your Website
Publishing your website is a matter of getting the pages you created in step 4 up to the hosting provider you set up in step 1. You can do this with either the tools that come with your hosting service or with FTP clients. Knowing which you can use depends upon your hosting provider. Contact them if you are not sure.
How to Upload
Best FTP Clients for Windows
Best FTP Clients for Macintosh

Sixth: Promote Your Website
The easiest way to promote your website is through search engine optimization or SEO. You build your Web content so that it ranks well in search engines. This can be very difficult, but it is inexpensive and can result in good results if you work at it.
Other ways to promote your site include: word of mouth, email, and advertising. You should include your URL on all professional correspondence and whenever it makes sense in personal messages. I put my URL in my email signature along with my email address.

Seventh: Maintain Your Website
Maintenance can be the most boring part of website design, but in order to keep your site going well and looking good, you need to do it. Testing your site as you’re building it and then after it’s been live for a while is important. And you should also work on content development on a regular basis.

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