Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knowledge Share: What should you do right after lose data?

Hey, Today I'd like to share you what should do when you unluckily meet data loss in your daily life? Here are the proper steps must always be taken in case of a data loss incident, in order to preserve the recoverability of any lost data.

    First of all – put the device in safe place in case any physical damage or re-damage.
    Secondly – immediately stop what you are doing and all type of further data write operations should be avoided to the drive. This also includes starting up the computer. As you know operation system (no matter Windows or Mac OS X) may create “temporary files” or “files required for booting” very quickly. The result is those files may occupy and overwrite the area of the lost data and render it partially or completely unrecoverable. Needless to say, other write operations such as copying, deleting or altering the files should be avoided too.
    Thirdly – if the data loss is caused by software malfunction or human error etc (in a word “non-physical-damage”), immediately pick up data recovery software or Mac data recovery tool to see if you can retrieve some data off the device.
    Lastly – if data loss is caused by natural disaster, send the device or storage media for professional data recovery services.
    Well, the best course of action would be that right upon realizing data loss, the computer must be safely shut down and the problematic drive should be removed from the unit. Then attach the disk to a secondary computer with a write blocker device and then proceed to perform data recovery.

Source From: Goshareware --- data loss solution

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