Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Next iPad Mini would come with 1024×768 resolution display as well.

 When you are deciding to buy an iPad, it will be the problem to choose which one to buy? iPad 4 is wonderful but is too big and heave, and iPad mini is not with a nice display. Maybe you are wander that you can choose for the next iPad mini -- lighter, smaller and better.
There are some rumors before said that iPad mini 2 gonna feature with a QXGA (2,048x1,536) resolution [Retina] display. But the pity is it will not come true.
From today's reliable news, Apple is going to release iPad mini 2 this year 2013. The features are not what rumors goes.
The next Mini, due in the second half sometime, will sport a 1,024x768 display (the same as the current version) but get a processor upgrade to the A6 from the A5 that's in the Mini today, and it will use iOS 7operating system.

There is also some rumors for the Retina iPad mini, It probably becomes the ipad mini after the next one which is going to release in next year.

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