Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Recover iPhone 4S Deleted Notes with Ease?

Do you used to use iPhone notes to remind something or remember something? then have you ever deleted the important notes by mistake or lose them by some unexpected damaged? This post is going to show you how to avoid iPhone notes losing and how to do iPhone notes recovery in time.
First: How to Avoid losing iPhone notes?
I think the most suitable answer for the question is: be careful for your iPhone from damage and deleted notes with think twice.
What 's more significant for that? Do iTunes Backup in time when there is something important for you.
Second: How to recover iPhone notes?
Let's take iPhone 4S as an example for talking about how to recover Notes from iPhone 4S. Here we go.
You ned a helper for recovering iPhone 4S notes, the one I'd like to show you is Hodo iPhone 4S Data Recovery software.
Step 1: Download the iPhone 4S Data Recovery program into your computer and install it.
You can download it here.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone 4S with PC and run the software. Then you will see the interface windows below.
Step 3. Click the Green "Start iDevice Recovery" button to start iPhone Notes Recovery. The application will scan your iPhone for a while.
Step 3. After Scaning, there would be a list for recover files in the window, You can opt for the notes and select the very ones you need to recover.
Step 4. What you need to do last is save all the files you need into your computer.
Note: do not save them into where they were on your iPhone, Or your notes would be lost forever. 
That all the tips for iPhone notes Recovery. Hope it Helps for all of you.

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