Monday, July 22, 2013

Reasons for Choosing an Android Phone instead of an iPhone.

People are always confusing when choosing a smartphone. Most of them are considering between iPhone and an Android phone.

Today, Let me show you the reasons for go for an Android not an iPhone.
1. More Smartphones you can choose from Android phones. There are lots of different Android phone with different brands, different display, different features and more.
2. Charger is much easier. I can charge my phone with a standard USB charger. No need to dig around for that special iPhone charger.
3. I can use my phone as a virtual wallet to pay for stuff. It make paying online much simpler and easier.
4. More convnient for sharing. I can easily share photos and other content just by bluetooth.
5. My maps app just works out of the box. But you have to download one separately.
6. I can fully customize my home screen with any widget, app, or moving wallpaper.
7. I can add more storage with a SD card in most Android Phones.

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