Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News you need to know before you decide to buy HTC One this Summer.

Android phones are so popular recently, and the hotest brand Android phone is Samsung and HTC. During this summer which two are most popular among Android users? the answer is obviously: Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One. 
But here are some news for HTC One before you decide which one to get during this summer. 
No. 1:
A rumor out of Pocket-lint claims that an updated HTC One is scheduled to hit the market later this year. No details regarding specs are given, so it’s unclear how much of an upgrade this new device would be over the current HTC One. It could be another case of an HTC One X+ over the HTC One X. Or, the source may simply be referring to the HTC One Max, which is expected to launch in the next month or two.

No. 2:
The source also claims that the 2014 follow-up to the HTC One is currently being referred to as the HTC M8. While the name doesn’t say much, HTC is using a variety of different code names when working with external sources in an effort to keep rumors and device leaks to a minimum.

No. 3:
Pocket-lint is also reporting that HTC is looking to consolidate the HTC Butterfly and HTC One line of phones. The HTC Butterfly was introduced last fall in Asia and was altered slightly when the phone came to Verizon as the Droid DNA. The rumor suggests that HTC will kill off the HTC Butterfly line and move the polycarbonate-clad device under the HTC One name. With the HTC Butterfly S already announced, the consolidation work is not expected to kick in until early 2014.

How does this affect your purchasing decision, if at all?

More details on AndroidandMe.

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