Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things you need to consider while choosing a WordPress Theme.

It would be much simpler and easier if you use a website template to build your website. When you are deciding which WordPress Theme to use, there are few tips you need to consider. Getting the suitable answer for your site and opt for the most convenient WordPress theme for your site. 
Okay, let's start to talk about the tips you need to pay attention and make sure.
 1. The WordPress Theme Must be Responsive.
Recently, more and more people like to view websites on the devices rather than on a computer in front of a desk.  Then the question comes: What can we do for our sites to make users feels better? The answer is given by many designers: Build a responsive sites. This post today, I’d like to talk about it in detail why we need to build a responsive website with a responsive WordPress theme. So it is not hard to understand why we need to choose a responsive WordPress Theme for website design.

2. Social Network Integration
Now marketing your online business through social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and more. The SNS media connection become an important window for users to get the movement for your website.

3. Fully Customizable
Another thing you need to make sure is that the website theme is fully customizable. It allows you to make a website exactly what you want, including the design, theme layout (boxed or wide layout), colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. Generally speaking, you can get most of what you want by using a premium website template.

4. Translation Ready
Translation ready is another factor you need to consider. A website template features translation ready usually include the files (.po/.mo) to translate the theme into different languages for global sales. Translating the website theme you’ve choose into your own language can give you an easier and quicker way to understand the template and customize your own website.

5. Full Support
The support not merely means the extensive documentation, video tutorial or professional support via email, but also include the frequent update to keep up with the latest features, web browser compatibility, etc.

Original article from: Magic Theme.

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