Monday, January 7, 2013

Nokia could eventually make an Android phone!!

It is a dream for Nokia lovers. Despite how badly countless numbers of smartphone users want one, and how much sense it makes to produce one, Nokia has been firm on their commitment to Windows Phone, making it clear they have no interest in manufacturing an Android phone. We’ve been over this before here at Android and Me, but we’re bringing it up again today because Nokia CEO Stephen Elop looks to be finally softening his stance on alternative platforms.

In an interview with El Pais, Elop was quoted as saying that while Nokia is happy with Windows Phone at the moment, but left the door open by saying “anything is possible.”
Of course this shouldn’t be taken as any sort of confirmation that Nokia is working on an Android powered Lumia behind closed doors, but it’s a far cry from the position Elop has taken on alternative platforms in the past. For those of us who crave Nokia’s industrial design and Android’s sleek, modern UI, there’s still hope yet.
Resource From: Android and Me.

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