Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Comprehensive Comparison for Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One.

In 2013, It is impossible to go a full week without a new Android phone announced these days. And what are the hotest Android phones these days? The answer is obviously --- Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one. They are the flagship smartphones for Samsung and HTC. Except for some brand crazyers, users will be confused what are the key features for each of them, then decide which one to get. Today, this post is going to show you the difference between Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one with features one by one.

1. Size
As the image shows in detail, you can see, the Galaxy S4 and One are roughly the same height. Then S4 is 2mm narrower and about 18 percent thicker.
2. Build materials 
 Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of plastic which may set a new benchmark for smartphone design.
HTC still did not get a breakthrough in materials, HTC one is made of metal.
3. Weight
As S4 is made of plastic, it makes a distinct good point, It is 13g lighter than HTC One.
4. Display
As you see in the below image, bothe S4 and HTC one has  1080p displays, although S4's display is a little biger, but both offer plenty of real estate.
The point need to pay attention: S4's display uses Super AMOLED technology, while the One sports a Super LCD 3 screen. Expect some hyper-saturated colors in the S4. Which one would you prefer?
5. Processor and RAM
No matter Version 1 or 2, S4 will be faster than HTC One.But as high-end smartphone engines have outpaced the performance requirements of most apps. For users, there will not be much differences.
Both of S4 and HTC One come with 2 GB of random-access memory (RAM).
6. Storage
There are 3 versions for storage with 16G, 32G and 64G. HTC one goes for 32G and 64G. Then Samsung provides a considerable expandable microSD card slot.
7. Wireless
Both S4 and HTC One supported for LTE and HSPA+.
8. Battery
S4 contains not only bigger display but also holds more juice.
9. Cameras
On paper, this looks like utter dominance for the Galaxy S4. But the notion that megapixel count is an absolute and direct measurement of camera quality is misguided.
HTC’s One may demonstrate this better than any other smartphone. The company put less pixels in the phone's sensors, but the pixels are bigger (HTC calls them “Ultrapixels”). The One also has f2.0 aperture and a 1/3-inch backlit-CMOS sensor, which HTC says will mean better performance in low light.
The bottom line: there's no single spec that can accurately compare their cameras. We'll look forward to some lengthy hands-on time, but – in the meantime – we expect both to have good to great image quality.
(I am not familar with camera, source from gizmag.com)
10. Software -- Android OS
In terms of core operating system, the Galaxy S4 is a full version of Android ahead of the One.
Much more obvious, though, are the custom manufacturer UIs sitting on top of Android. Samsung is pushing its TouchWiz as hard as it can, trying to distance itself from Google’s underlying OS.
Some of the most notable are Air Hover, Dual Camera, and Smart Scroll. If you intersted in new functions you may choose for Samsung S4.

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