Friday, March 29, 2013

Concise comparison between iPhone 5 and HTC ONE.

Iphone 5 VS HTC ONE, they are both hot these days. Someone who want to buy a new smart phone may be hard to decide which one to prefer. The post today, I'd like to show you the diferences between HTC One and iPhone 5. (
1, Size and Weight: There are bigger phones than the HTC One, but it still follows the recent trend of super-sized Android phones. The iPhone 5, meanwhile, is larger than its predecessors but small compared to the One. The iPhone 5 is about 112g which is 22 percent lighter than the HTC One.
2, Display: The One's screen has an extra (diagonal) 0.7 inch of screen real estate for 4.7 inch, and many more pixels.
3, Processor: On paper, the One’s Snapdragon 600 chip wins hands-down. Its benchmarks will likely agree. Apple, though, prioritizes experience over specs, and it’s hard to argue that the iPhone 5 doesn’t blaze through iOS and most apps.
4, RAM and Storage: The HTC One also comes out looking good here, with double the iPhone’s 1 GB of RAM. HTC skipped a 16 GB option to 32G amd 64G, but otherwise flash memory is even. Neither iPhone 5 nor HTC One supports microSD cards for expandable storage.
5, Battery: The HTC One’s battery holds a lot more juice than the iPhone’s. Take this with grains of salt, though. Many other factors determine uptime, and the One’s battery has to power a display with over a million extra pixels. Neither phone's battery is removable.

And yesterday, there is a youtube video for HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test become popular, if you still have not watched the video, you can take a look.

With all the content, hope you can choose the right smatphone for yourself.

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