Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can you recover files after system restore? The Answer is YES.

You may met the situation which you can not handle the computer problem unless make use of System Restore to set things right. Though it is said that System Restore does not affect your personal information such as email, documents, photos, videos, etc, but there is highly possible that some of your personal files are deleted while system restoring. And there maybe some important data for you. Then you need to do data recovery after system restore.

Some people used to backup for the important files, It will be easier for them to recover the data. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Insert your backup disk.
Step 2: Open Start menu and click on “Control Panel.”
Step 3: Click “Backup and Restore” option.
Step 4: In “Restore” section, Click “Restore my files” button.
Step 5: Choose the backup that you want to restore files from, and click “Next.”
Step 6: Choose whether you want to restore all users’ files or only your files and click “Next.”
Step 7: Browse or search to restore specific files, or restore all files.

 On the other hand, most people do not do backup at all like me. There is also chance for you to get back the meaningful photos, videos and more. For recovering data after system restore without a backup, what you need is a professional data recovery tool. The one I highly recommend is Hodo Data Recovery software. It can recover any files that are lost during system restore process, including audio, video, photos, documents, archives, etc. Besides data recovery after system restore, the software is also able to recover deleted, corrupted, formatted, or inaccessible data quickly and securely from PC hard drive, USB drives, external hard drives, digital cameras, and other storage devices.
Download Here.
Here is a step by step guide on how to recover files after system restore with Hodo Data Recovery.
Step 1. Launch it and the main screen is displayed as below. Choose “Lost File Recovery” module.
Step 2. Then, it will display a list of hard drives of your computer. Select the drive where you lost files were in, and then click on “Scan”. 
Step 3. After the scan, preview and check if your lost files are in the recoverable file list. Select the target files and click to recover.

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