Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rumor: Motorola X Phone is going to come with more than 20 colors.

Are you the one who choose phones on the phone colors. I am the one, I prefer white ones and do not like black dark ones.
Rumor says Motorola X phone will come with more than 20 colors, so that you can choose one you do reall want of you want to choose a favorite color phone.
 Phone Arena claims their source said the material of the outer casing might not be an option in the first generation X Phone, but it could be offered in another device later this year. We have previously reported that the “X Phone” brand would spawn an entire family of devices, so this could be the cause of conflicting reports about specific details and specs.

Our original source said the first X Phone was expected to go on sale in June, which was later changed to late July, and now Phone Arena says the first device might not debut till “August or later.”

Source From: Android and Me.

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