Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Can I Restore Deleted Recycle Bin Files with Ease?

Are you an Obsessive-compulsive disorder which do not like anything in a mass even including your laptop and recycle bin. I am the one who do not like to keep "rubbish" in my computer even recycle bin.
But there comes the problem. After emptying recycle bin for long, I have more than one time find out there are some useful "rubbish" wiped away.
Is there a solution to get back the useful data from the empty recycle bin?
Today, I'd like to show the tutorial I did for recover deleted files from recycle bin.
First of all, you need to download a data recovery tool for that. The one I use is Hodo data recovery tool. It is a easy to handle and powerful one which you need to pay little for it. Or you can go for free ones. (link for Top 5 free data recovery softwares.)
Ok, let's get start.
Step 1. Download Hodo data recovery and install it into your computer.
Step 2. Launch data recovery tool. you will see this image as follow. Select Lost File Recovery module.
Step 3. Select the partition where you lost your files, and click Scan button.
 Step 4. Wait while scanning. All recoverable files found in the scanned partition will be displayed in a tree pane structure on the left.
Step 5. Preview the files you want to recover and then click Recover.
Pay Attention: A dialog box will appear after clicking Recover button to let you choose where to save the recoverable files. Don’t save the files in the location where you lost them. Otherwise, the files will be lossen forever.

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